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We need to fix that.


What the General Assembly continues to do is use one-time funds to patch holes in the state’s budget, while re-distributing many of the costs of state government downward. Communities like East Greenwich and West Greenwich are already financially strapped, but the legislature is consistently requiring them to do more, and sharing with them less. 

These are not disconnected issues. What happens in education has a huge impact on business. What happens in business, especially small business, has a huge impact on the economy.  When our economy slows, our cities and towns and taxpayers pick up the tab and pay more than they should for public services, 
for healthcare, for transportation and everything else. A poor economy is a regressive tax, and it impacts the well-being of everyone who calls Rhode Island home.


Rhode Island has suffered at the hands of a single, largely unopposed party on Smith Hill that has held an 85% majority there since the mid-1950’s.  With a louder opposition voice, a smaller majority party  in the General Assembly, and less influence by embedded special interests, we can begin to make a difference.  It is time for a change, and I’d like to think I can help make it happen.  


I humbly ask for your vote in the General Election on Nov. 3.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to raise any issues with me, e-mail me at rep.giarrusso@gmail.com  I promise you a quick response.


I'm Anthony Giarrusso, and as you may know, I’m running for re-election as your State Representative in District 30, covering East Greenwich and part of West Greenwich. When I first ran in 2012, I had not been involved in politics before. I focused most of my community time coaching and working with kids.


But because I had a family and built a business in Rhode Island, I decided I could not just stand on the sidelines. I watched as this state has struggled and declined – and I believed - and still believe  -  we have to change our priorities if our businesses and our families are to be healthy, flourish, and stay here. 

Our #1 export today is our children. We raise them, we spend great amounts of money educating them  and then watch them leave when they cannot find good jobs here in Rhode Island.

Giarrusso is transparent and accessible

East Greenwich Pendulum, May 11, 2018


Dear Editor,


I’d like to take issue with comments made by Justine Caldwell and quoted in your April 18 issue. She makes a number of wild assertions, none of them are anywhere near accurate.


Ms. Caldwell told The Pendulum that “I’ve found that a lot of people in East Greenwich don’t even know who their State Representative is…”  I don’t know who she is talking to, but Rep. Giarrusso in both of the last two elections has garnered more votes than any other candidate on the ballot – more than any presidential candidate, more than any statewide candidate, more than any local candidate.  He won re-election twice, with 97% of the vote in 2016, and 98% of the vote in 2014.  This doesn’t happen if people don’t know who you are.


She says she “wants to be out there talking to people and I want them to know who their Representative is and feel like they can get in touch with me.”  She gets an “F” on her homework here, too.  Rep. Giarrusso has been one of the most transparent elected officials we have. With an e-mail list of over 2,000, his “Statehouse Updates” go to local residents several times each legislative session. Every e-mail he receives gets a response.  And he typically answers his constituent phone whenever it rings. Ms. Caldwell swings wildly here, and misses completely.


Lastly, Ms. Caldwell criticizes state officials – such as Rep. Giarrusso – for not getting involved with library issues at the high school, but that’s the job of our school committee, not the General Assembly.  If this is a matter of such concern, Ms. Caldwell should be running for School Committee, and leave the state jobs open for those who actually understand how the system operates.


I do not hide my support for Rep. Giarrusso.  I’ve watched him closely in three elections, correspond with him frequently on issues being debated at the Statehouse, and have great conversations with him on the street.  He is smart, he is responsive and he never fails to express a clear vision or position on issues before the legislature.  And unlike Ms. Caldwell, he seems to know what he’s talking about. 


I’m voting for Rep. Giarrusso again in November.  He is everything Ms. Caldwell is not.


Joseph A. O’Hara

East Greenwich

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